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Learn more about the personal styling experience with Jackie Rose.


"Jackie Rose is is the best personal shopper and works fashion magic within your budget. As a client, I highly recommend her services and you get a sweet, well mannered and caring young lady to hang out with while trying on fabulous clothing."

"Jackie is great! I am a stay at home mom of three girls and don't have time for me let alone looking pretty!  First hired her to do my colors and closet sweep!  She put together so many outfits that I would never have even tried!  Also had a bag of donations too.  I hired her for not one but two shopping trips.  The first time we pulled items together and worked with my limited budget!  The second time I just browsed and tried on outfits. I am not really a shopper so that was nice!  She even suggested I try on a shorter skirt than I am use to.  I was very reluctant but I loooove it!  Looks so chic.  One final note Jackie doesn't dress you in her style, she takes your style and upgrades it to beautiful!"


"Jackie Rose made me feel like a completely different person after my transformation! She has such a passion for her customers that you can see from the get go. She made me feel like a million bucks and truly knew what worked best for my body within my price range and style limits. She is great with doing your hair and makeup as well so you can have the complete look when you leave! Jackie has a true talent to make you feel beautiful after you are done (inside and out!) I have nothing but good things to say about this lady and can't wait to work with her again as Fall comes along!"

"Jackie Rose is fantastic!  She has completely transformed my shopping experience and opened my eyes to fashion and style.  I love her energy and genuine spirit.  I was intimidated at first thinking, "Who am I to hire a stylist?" and thought that I was so far beyond help that it was embarrassing, but she made me feel like a friend and that I could achieve the look I've always dreamed of but didn't know how to get.  She knows the ins and outs of all the shops and finds great pieces no matter what the time or budget constraints are.  I've had more fun with her doing style boards, closet audits and shopping for a new wardrobe.  She made me feel beautiful inside and out and was so knowledgeable about what styles would be flattering on me.  I wish I could have Jackie with me on every shopping trip!  I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a style update or a complete transformation.   Her passion is one of kind!​"


“WOW! Jackie is absolutely incredible. She not only helped me pick out clothes that flattered me and made me feel really hot, (after 2 kids) but she also helped me to accept my body and she really made me feel beautiful by her encouragement. I do not enjoy shopping, but Jackie made it So much fun and she takes all the stress out of it. I felt like I was shopping with my best friend who knew exactly what to put me in. She is truly an expert at making women feel great, and she is a really sweet and warm person, and listens to you. I highly recommend booking her for her styling and personal shopping services- it totally transformed the way I view fashion and getting dressed.”​


“Thank you so much for your help. I am 52 years old and never knew what looked good on me. I needed help creating more of a wardrobe. I don’t know how you do it but everything you picked out looks and feels great. I hate to shop so this is so much fun. My husband says I look sexy in my new style. Thank you so much, Jackie.”​


“You did it again Jackie. I love everything you styled me in. I get so many compliments. My daughter made the comment about how people say ‘oh I love your dress or that top looks great on you’. It is so great to not have to shop because I hate it. I am having so much fun with working with you. Thanks again. Have a great day Jackie I am glad I have you for my personal shopper you are awesome.”​


“Jackie Rose has become my go to for fashion. Every time I have an important event to go to or if I need to update my wardrobe, I always call Jackie Rose. She has a great way of connecting with a client and listening to what they’re looking for. She makes shopping fun and can really make a woman see her inner beauty shine. I have her on speed dial!”​


“Jackie has a great sense of style. She helped me find my wedding dress, and helped make suggestions for a professional wardrobe. I would definitely work with her again. Her recommendations are always right on, and she has helped me find things I wouldn’t have picked out myself. I tend to wear pretty much all-black clothing, and she always encourages me to try something new. She really understands what works for your body — and always gives honest opinions. Jackie has a unique style and creative approach to fashion. I personally don’t like shopping, and find it overwhelming, but she makes it fun and easy.”​


"I’m a guy who just finished a Ph.D. and needed help getting my wardrobe ready for a fancy new job. I did a menswear consultation with Jackie, and she was awesome! We started out with a 45-minute chat on Skype to talk about my needs. A week later she delivered visual boards with 5 work outfits and a couple suits to get me ready for the new job. The boards included links directly to the items online, making it easy to find the exact items. The styled looks are exactly the help I needed, and I’m really happy with what she delivered. I’d highly recommend her for any guys who need some help figuring out what to wear in today’s increasingly informal workplaces. Great experience!"


"Spending a few hours with Jackie Rose is therapy for me. I highly recommend her! She had the ability to know what was just right for me and suggested things that I would never have thought of. She lavished me with compliments, kept my purchases within my price range and made me feel like I was truly something special. I can't wait to have another therapy session with her!​"


Together, we'll create a wardrobe you're happy to call yours.

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