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My Skin Care and Beauty Must-Haves

As I approach my 30's Im really investing in quality products that will really give me great results and keep my skin toned and I am fighting back fine lines and wrinkles.

I have ALWAYS been a product junkie, and these are my can't live without products and I have seen amazing results so far. I always want to share great finds with others, because let's face it, you gotta love the skin you are in!

1. Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil- This oil is a MIRACLE worker, tightening pores, evening out skin tone, healing damaged skin, reducing fines lines and wrinkles. I LOVE the results so far, seriously. It was featured in Harper's Bazaar under "10 Must have Beauty Products". I honestly can't say enough great things about it. Although, it is a little drying at first, that just means its working, so make sure to moisturize.

2.Klorane Smoothing Under eye Patches- I SWEAR by these... This is a celebrity skin care secret, helping with dark circles and puffiness. They are so soothing and instantly brighten the under eye area. Perfect before a special event or after a night out. I can't live without these under eye patches, I always have them handy, especially when I am traveling.

3.Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue- Trust ME, I have tried dozens of eye creams. My problem is dark circles, fine lines, and dehydrated skin under my eyes, making me look more tired then I actually am. This is THE best eye cream because it instantly brightens and plumps up fine lines and wrinkles. I am so impressed with the results so far. This month alone, I have gone through 4 eyes creams trying to find the right one, and this is it! My makeup glides on so smoothly and it really does "turn back the clock" like it promises to do so.

4. Rose Water for Fine Lines and Wrinkles- The main ingredient in this rose water is hyaluronic acid, which is KNOWN for plumping up fine lines and wrinkles... It is an instant pick me up and refresher through the day.. I have been using some form of rose water for 10 years and this is my favorite because it plumps my skin and gives me a glow. It also sets my makeup in place.

Just remember, You Are Beautiful!!



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