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FAQ About Hiring A Personal Stylist

Personal styling

Hiring a Personal Stylist, is well, a very Personal Thing! For me, I take it as a huge honor and privelge to come into a client's home for styling or meet them for an enjoyable personal shopping trip, with my main goal of having my client leave the experience feeling confident and happy in her wardrobe and image. I want my clients to SHINE!

I wanted to answer some FAQ questions about the process.

Who Should hire a Personal Stylist?

Anyone and everyone deserves to look and feel great in their wardrobe. Having a personal stylist is NOT just for the rich and famous. My entire styling philosophy is working with and empowering women of ALL shapes, sizes, ages and of course walks of life to feel confident in their wardrobe. Whether you are a working woman, a stay at home mom, heading to college, having a career change, just had a baby, getting married, battling health issues, starting to date after a divorce, or simply want an extra boost of confidence, a personal stylist can play a major role in helping you walk in confidence no matter what season of life you are in.

The right personal stylist can boost your self-confidence, teach you how to dress for your body type, show you what colors look best on you, and really be your friend. For me, my main objective is making you look and feel great.

What is a Closet Audit?

A closet audit or a "sort" is carefully going through your wardrobe, and together, with my guidance, deciding what to keep, give away, or resell. My general advice I tell clients is if you haven't worn an item in a year, You probably aren't going to wear it again. My sorting style is gentle encouragement and wanting you to have a closet filled with only "WOW" pieces. Let's face it, getting rid of clothing and the memories that go along with them is emotional, so I never push you to get rid of items, but make kind and knowledgable recommendations. The end result is purging items that no longer serve you, fit your "goal wardrobe" and leaving you with a wardrobe of only items you L-O-V-E and that are functional for you as an individual and your lifestyle.

What happens during a Personal Shopping Trip?

For most women, shopping is overwhelming and stressful. I love taking the stress out of it for my clients and creating an enjoyable and easy experience for them. The day starts off with me bringing you your favorite Starbucks drink.

I pre- select outfits that I know will look amazing on you, and all you have to do is walk into a room of beautiful clothing and try them on and feel amazing. I do all the heavy lifting and work. Think of me as you fashion best friend or cheerleader. I just want you to SHINE!

Because at this point, I know your body type, your lifestyle, and preferences, I have pre-selected items that are functional and flattering. The End result?

A fun day filled with fabulous new pieces that you will have for years. My personal favorite part is seeing the huge smile on my clients' face when she is having a fun time or finds just the right outfit. I also love hearing " I never would;ve picked that out for myself but it's my new favorite item!"

How did you become a Personal Stylist?

I have been a lifelong fashionista, literally. I knew exactly what I wanted to do from a very young age. I went straight to Fashion School and began styling in 2005. I started my career styling celebrities (like Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus) but my greatest joy is working with Real people, seeing the impact that I can make in a womans' self-esteem is my calling and true passion.

In 2006, I struggled severely with body image, and I thankfully overcame those struggles. After that, I received specialized training in body image and my mission from that day on is to help women of ALL shapes and sizes feel confident, beautiful, and radiant in their wardrobe and image. 10 years later, I am still just as passionate about my job and feel blessed to help others.

What Parts of California do You Service?

I am based in Orange County, California. However, I have clients all over. I am available in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs and Santa Barbara.

If you are out of state ( or country) Don't Fret! I offer Virtual styling as well!

For more inquiries please email :


Jackie Rose

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