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CLOSET AUDIT (3-4 hours) $625

In this process, I will carefully go through each item in your closet and help you decide what to keep, give-away, or re-sell. I will organize and streamline your closet, so you are left with a wardrobe filled with only pieces that are functional for your life and that you absolutely love! I will make recommendations and a shopping list of items that would be beneficial to add to your wardrobe, while educating you on how to wear& style each piece. The end result? A stress free, efficient wardrobe that brings out the best You possible.



Is shopping overwhelming for you? Do you go to the mall and feel stressed out? I make shopping easy, enjoyable and fun for all my clients. No matter what your budget is, I will pre-select and style items that flatter you. All you have to do is walk into a fitting room of beautiful clothes and try them on. I will guide you through the entire shopping process, teaching you what brands, colors, styles, and fits will work best with your individual coloring, body type and lifestyle. As one of South Coast Plaza's premier personal stylists, I am able to offer a luxurious experience and VIP treatment such as private shopping while sipping on champagne at no additional cost to my clients.


STYLE EXPERT WORKSHOPS (email for rates) 

Want Jackie Rose, style expert to speak and train about fashion, trends and style tips and tricks for your company, organization or brand? Jackie has worked with dozens of Brands Like Nike, Google, and Loreal to educate, empower and teach large groups about personal style. Her mission has always been to bring out confidence in women of all shapes, sizes and ages through their image.


COLOR ANALYSIS (2 hours) $250

Jackie is certified in Seasonal Color Analysis, and can show you exactly what group of colors flatter you based on your individual hair, eyes, and coloring. The result? Knowing exactly what colors to wear that will enhance your appearance. No more guessing when you are shopping or getting dressed. Wearing the right colors will make you feel confident, empowered and excited about getting dressed!


MAKEUP & SKINCARE STYLING (2-3 hours) $300

Jackie is also an expert in skincare, makeup and beauty. Ever wonder what brands and colors work best for your beauty needs? She will analyze your current beauty routine and make specific product recommendations based on your individual skin type to help you radiate with beauty and confidence! She will help teach you how to use products to give you the optimal results. She will create a shopping list of Customized beauty must haves. The result? Feeling confident, empowered and beautiful with a tailored beauty regimen.

 I am more than happy to build a package to fit your exact needs. If you have a unique combination of needs, please email me here to discuss a custom package.

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